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 Theresa Ortiz was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on April 8th, 1986. It wasn't until the age of 5 that her family decided to move to the United States, settling in Brooklyn NY. Theresa has always had a passion for entertainment. From a very young age, she would always participate in numerous school plays, musicals, and dance performances. After living in Brooklyn for several years, her family decided to move to Jersey City. At the age of 9, Jersey City became Theresa’s home. It was her that she really discovered her love for the entertainment and fashion industries. Her goals and aspirations never changed. Theresa knew and began to feel what she calls a “little force inside her” driving her to be successful. This realization continued to build with time. When Theresa turned 14, she started taking acting and modeling classes with IMTA (International Modeling Talent Association). It was from these classes that Theresa decided to take the next step and get signed with a manager and an agency. In her younger years she has worked with big names like MTV, Spike TV, and Comedy Central. She has done vocal work with the Massachusetts Teacher association, as well as doing educational videos. Also, she has performed in musical videos for Bon Jovi. She’s been featured in Smooth Magazine, Rix magazine and The Connection Magazine.






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Five years ago, Theresa decided to let go of her life in New Jersey and move to North Carolina. She wanted to take a break from the city life and rejuvenate herself. Her move to North Carolina was definitely a life-changing experience for her because she realized that when you are meant to do something, it will always leave you feeling restless. For the last five years, Theresa has grown to be a favorite among the town locals who admire her beauty and humble personality. She has worked with some great local photographers as a way to market herself. Last year things started to look bright again for Theresa. She worked on "The Hunger Games" (2012) with director Gary Ross, "HomeLand" (2011) on Showtime, and she played in her first independent short film lead role "Trophy" (2012) with director Maurice Hicks. In 2012, her upcoming projects include another lead role in a short independent film in February with Grammy Award-winning artist Andreao Heard "God Don't Like Ugly". Theresa[s dreams has always driven to push farther in her career and her goals and seems to be headed on the right path to success with a clear vision of what she wants for herself.


Now Theresa is back in New Jersey to finish what she started…the newly transformed Theresa with the same big dreams.

Photos By: Anthony Rodriguez

EntMag: So with a last name like Ortiz I gotta ask: do you speak Spanish?


Theresa Ortiz: Yes, I learned Spanish in Puerto Rico because I was born in Aguadilla. So Spanish is my first

language and I had to learn English when I moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of five.


What do you do for fun?


Theresa Ortiz: I do a lot of different things for fun. My top two favorite things would be going to the movies

or dancing with my best friends and just getting lost in the music.


Do you have any ambitions past modeling?


Theresa Ortiz: Yes, I do. Modeling is something that I just enjoy. My passion is in acting. That's why I

decided to move back to New Jersey. I want to take things to another level. Also I'm developing my own swimwear line. It is in the beginning stages, but I'm super excited and can't wait to launch it, along with some other small business ventures.

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